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The most trusted Clinic for pre-marriage and post-marriage sexual problems and infertility in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta since 1990 with 95% Satisfied Patients. He is proved to be Best Sexologist in karachi.

Dr.Aslam Naveed is a well known as The Best Sexologist in Karachi and Internationally. He has treated more than 1 Lac patients in last 30+ years of clinical Practice in sexology, he knows how to diagnose and  treat  people from severe sexual disorders. He has been honored by Anton Award on International Congress at OIUCM as The best sexologist in alternative medicines.

Healing  with  Alternative  medicines has big advantage against mainstream medicines. It mainly focuses on How to relieve pain and treatment with natural ingredients without much side effects.

With the Degrees he has, and experience he has you can find him as best sexologist in karachi.

Men’s Care Clinic Offers services to following domain of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Male Infertility.




11:00AM TO 7:00PM




Rs. 2000.

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Dr.Jawaid Aqeel Urologist

Tuesday Timings - 3PM to 4PM

Our Doctors

  • mardana kamzori ka ilaj

    The most trusted Clinic for Pre-marriage and Post-marriage sexual problems and infertility in Karachi since 1990.At our center team of qualified specialists doctors diagnose & treat Male Sexual Problems. We are providing treatment to our clients with latest procedures and using state of the art technology.For knowing details about the diagnosis & treatment of all […]

    Dr. Aslam Naveed

    Consultant Sexologist
  • Dr. Shafiq

    Dr. Shafiq Yasin has over 23 Years Experience in Psychiatry. After completing his graduation from Dow Medical College, he worked for 8 Years in Ireland and UK. His later experience was working in private practice in Australia. He is well experienced in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and associated Sex related issues. He is also […]

    Dr. Shafiq Yasin

    Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Mens Care Center.

    Sexual Dysfunction Diagnostic Introduction It merges neurology, psychology, theory of automatic control, ultrasonic technology and computer-automatic digital display technology in one.
    Examination Range The instrument is applied to the clinical diagnosis of psychological sexual dysfunction, neurological dysfunction,

  • Male Infertility

    Male Infertility is an illusive phenomena in our society. Due to some social constraints, in more cases women are served responsible for infertility for not bearing child to her own. But in real it is also a factor of male infertility in non-pregnant cases. With our modern equipment and state of the art technology, it is treated in very efficient way. Most commonly we deal in Men’s sexual health it relates to male infertility factor as well..

  • Re-Slimming

    No Fasting, No Quit Meal Time, No Drugs, No side effects, Neither Gym Nor Tough exercise
    No need to count calories. Just burn your deposited fats Once you achieved your task became smart never need to join slimming center again.

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